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The hitchhiker’s guide to Customer Service

Hey there!
This will be the first proper post of this blog, so it is the right time to say “Welcome”.


Okay, that was easy, we can get down to business.

We are all customers and we all had to call a customer care or a support line, be it yesterday or a long time ago. No matter how much skilled you are, there will always be a something that you cannot solve by yourself (billing issues, anyone?).

Some of us, might be the ones on the other side of the screen, of the phone, of the desk.
The ones that will deal not only with the issue or the inquiry you might have, but also with the frustration that brought you to contact us. That is something that nobody ever takes into account.

You might as well be one of the guys behind the development and sales of a product or service. You might soon find this blog an invaluable resource of insights on how you can improve your business thanks to such a simple yet chaotic keystone as your customer service department.

I want to dedicate this first post to the point out different channels used by companies all over the world to get in touch with their customers, and explain what are we going to look into.

Based on our everyday’s experience, we know we can reach companies through several channels:

1. Front desk: don’t you love the post office?
2. Phone: “an agent will be with you shortly”.. but when?!
3. Forums: shall I really search for the previous posts?
4. E-mails: they feel handy.. but are they?
5. Chat: we all do a lot of chatting today, don’t we?
6. Social networks: oh, just let me get there!

Every channel has its pros, cons, costs.. but, most important, they have a purpose, a mission they need to fulfill. What nobody usually thinks about, is that the mission might not always be “to serve and protect”. If you think it is, just ask yourself who is going to protect who.
Sometimes, a support channel is just a deceiving cover, the shiny wrapping around the hardest candy our Grandma ever gave us (I am sure the over 30 can easily remember).

Now, this is the time for me to ask: which channel do you think it is the least effective? Maybe I can start talking about that in the next post.



3 thoughts on “The hitchhiker’s guide to Customer Service”

  1. Interesting and very true. Most organisations see their “service” channels as nothing more but barriers between their sales guys and the customers. Nicely written up!

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