Maurizio Atzori

About me / Why?

About me
I’m a resilient, stubborn Sardinian.
I worked in some small and mid-sized companies, and after failing with two difference startup projects, I did the hardest pivot ever: I gave myself a clean slate.
I now work as a technical support / customer service specialist for a Fortune 500 company, but I also do some extra things that are not exactly related with my role.
My background in computer science, languages and cultural-linguistic mediation makes me a jack of all trades who moved to Ireland to become master of some.

Why this blog?
Innovation is to business what mutations are to our genome.
They are unstoppable, their effects are life changing, but they are hard to spot.
Nonetheless, most businesses really do not want to innovate, because innovation, like evolution, can bring to dead ends – something that everybody wants to avoid.
Now, think of innovation on a different scale. Do not think of life changing revolutions, but about small, little corrections and experiments.

Every entrepreneur’s first job is always to know the customers and their needs.
Were your market to grow enough, would you be among the ones who think that is cheaper to steal a customer from another company, or would you rather take care of who, among everybody else, decided to trust you? My experience tells me that companies usually follow the first strategy. That’s why we hate them 9 times out of 10.

The purpose of this blog is to discuss how a company can radically innovate and surpass its competitors by simply using and improving their customer service strategies.


What do you think about it?

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On innovation through customer service and technical support